To create and facilitate an international exchange of culture via music and dance.

Educating the next generation in the cultural traditions of the United States and Japan,

while also introducing modern and contemporary Japanese dance and music.

Co-founder and Artistic Director, Miho Imoto, leads the team with 25 years experience as a dancer, choreographer and educator, having worked in every major city in the U.S including NYC, thru out Japan including Tokyo, thru out Germany, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Ms Imoto, envisions using the international connections she has made, through decades of hard work on stage and behind the scenes with some of Broadway’s brightest stars, to bring the talents of NYC’s finest performers to Japan for performances and work shops and delivering to the U.S. some of Japan’s most talented in the field of dance and music.


Theatre Performances

Participation in local cultural events

Educational workshops

Showcases for Schools and Senior Centers






次世代を対象にした体験ワークショップ、情操教育を考えた芸術との触れ合いイベント。芸術を通して 地域社会への貢献。

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*踊りたい仲間 随時募集中です

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